• The greatest asset of one’s lifetime

The greatest asset of one’s lifetime

Different from ‘house’, the tern ‘home’ includes deeper emotion connection.
Home is the treasure that all humankind craves for, it’s in our blood to find the home we belong to. Whether emotionally or rationally, new horizon development devotes ourselves to build the home that suits your expectation, to create the greatest asset for you

  • Motivation, Perfection, High-end

Motivation, Perfection, High-end

The new horizon group started form pool cues manufacturing to high-ticket furniture with the same sense – pursuing perfection. Based on the 50 years of experience from manufacturing industry, we produce perfection with strict standard operating procedure and up-to-date technology to suit the highest standard for residence
  • 歷年案例
A beautiful home Home should be a relaxing and comfortable area for you to chill and rest from the concrete jungle
A smart home Create based on human nature, express from functionality, ratio, scale and style to suit the resident’s need
A healthy home We create healthy homes with suffice sunlight, air flowing and freshness that bring you back to the pure nature
A sustainable house Adopting the idea of eco-friendly and energy-efficient, we create the home that is perfect for either resident and our environment

喜全真鑄大廈100 ping | 200 ping

New Horizon Palace

One of a kind, best of the best

+ The one and only front raw view – the metropolitan museum
+ Classic in the heart, modern to the appearance
+ Perfect feng shui spot
+ 2 flats per floor, suffice nature light and cross breeze

ADDRESS:市政北六路 | TEL: (04)2255-6366

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The charm vale

Mansion style designed boutique residence

+Perfect location with maple garden and metropolitan museum surrounding
+ 2 flats per floor, suffice nature light and cross breeze
+ 200% greenery covered boutique residence
+English style river side house

ADDRESS:市政北六路 | TEL: (04)2255-6366

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New Taipei Project

Front row view for massive garden

+ Front row view for massive garden
+ low density residential area
+ Perfect area with market place alongside with green gardens
+ Affordable boutique house

ADDRESS:北市文山區羅斯福路 | TEL: (02)2935-0866

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